I’m honored that you are considering bringing Sweet Booths into your event. If we had you at ‘say cheese’ and you’re ready to book a booth, you can do so here. If you want to know a little more about the why behind our sweet booths, let’s have a little pow wow about our story, our booth and our commitment to delivering the best experience and the most awesome photos at every event.


Born in 2010 while I was planning my own wedding, Sweet Booths is truly a labor of love. In the whirlwind of wedding planning — yep, got sucked right in — I got pretty hung up on booking the perfect photo booth because — we can all admit it — silly photos add serious fun factor to a wedding.

My dream booth must-haves were:

  • A seriously fun experience: fun people, fun props and an experience that no guest (even the shy ones!) would want to miss out on
  • No ugly booths, please: After planning the overall aesthetic of a wedding, why stick a bulky black box with a velvet curtain in the corner?
  • Amazing lighting + the best pictures ever: Perfect lighting = perfect pics = photos that everyone wants to post

Bad news: my dream booth didn’t exist. Good news: with a little (okay, a lot) of help from my whiz kid (ahem, engineer) husband, Jeremy, we brought my dream booth to life. The result? The sweetest booth in all the land.


And it’s always getting better. My team and I are diligently on top of new technology + upcoming trends — and we’re quick to make our booths sweeter and sweeter with each update. A few highlights of our latest and best iteration of the open-air booth:

  • GIFs! — the ultimate party starter
  • Studio-style lighting for über flattering photos
  • Canon DSLR quality photos — that means no blur!
  • A sleeker design (and one that can fit up the most narrow Manhattan stairwells)


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The booth (and the amazing photos) is reason #1 to book Sweet Booths — but the product is nothing without the incredible team bringing it to life. The Sweet Booths team is fun, quirky, filled to the brim with positive energy and tirelessly committed to making your already awesome event even more unforgettable. (You can meet them below!)

  • Anna

    Hails from Los Angeles, CA. Loves a good hand-written note. Reigning champion of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

  • Jeremy

    Hails from Hollywood, CA. Is proudly nicknamed Martha Stewart for his killer chef skills. Thinks cuddling is the best exercise.

  • Andrew

    Hails from Old Bridge, NJ. Invites you to pull him into your photo booth session. If reincarnated as a photo booth prop, would be a boa for the free hugs and occasional field trip to the dance floor.

  • Vinnie

    Hails from Metuchen, NJ. Is moved by the raw emotion of weddings and lives for the moment when guests get a perfect set of photos.

  • Vivian

    Hails from Queens, NY. Is the proud mom to three (!) Siamese cats. Once witnessed a wedding guest get naked in the photo booth (but totally didn’t judge).

  • Stephen

    Hails from Forest Lake, MN. An avid ukulele player. Can’t resist the dance floor when Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk comes on.

  • Ruby

    Hails from Ocean Township, NJ. Can’t turn left when skiing (but swears this doesn’t impact her stellar photo booth skills). Mom of two… cats (but swears she’s not a cat lady).

  • Simon

    Hails from Donetsk, Ukraine. Seizes the photobooth as an opportunity to practice crazy impressions usually reserved for the mirror. Likes to “Twist and Shout” on the dance floor.