How does The Sweet Booth work?
You just walk in, sit down, and follow the instructions on the touch-screen!

How many people can fit in The Sweet Booth?
The booth contains a plush seat that fits two-three people comfortably. But we’ve seen it hold up to six.

Are the photos black & white, or color?
Totally up to you. You can make the choice prior to your event.

How much space do you need for set up?
The Sweet Booth can easily fit into a 3’ x 6’ space, plus a couple of extra feet for our giant box of props


How does the Theater Booth work?
Step inside the booth, follow the instructions on the touch-screen, and snap away!

How many people can fit in a shot?
As many as possible! The most we’ve seen is 15.

How much space do you need for set up?
The Theater Booth can easily fit into an 5’ x 5’ space, plus a couple of extra feet for our giant box of props.

Why rent a Theater Booth?
The Theater Booth offers all the fun that comes with space and props—your guests will have room to get crazy with the props and put their creativity to the test!


I’ve already got a photographer (or videographer). Why would I want a booth?
1) It’s a major attraction for guests. Just peek at our blog to see! 2) Photographers and videographers have a tendency to focus on the couple, the bridal party, and close family. So this is a way to spread the love! 3) It’ll give every single one of your guests a chance to have a private moment with you during the biggest day of your life!

How long does it take for the photos to print out?
About 1/3 the amount of time to read this sentence. It’s super fast.

Do The Sweet Booth and Theater Booth come with a person?
Yes. Anna, owner of The Sweet Booth, or one of our friendly staff (Jeremy, Vivian, Mike, Steven, Vinnie, Julie, or Andrew) will be on-site to answer your questions, and to inspire your guests with poses, props, messages, and other fun tips!

How many pictures (and/or videos) can we take?
As many as you like! Your guests will tire out before our equipment does!


Can we choose the backdrop color for our photos?
Sure! Choose from red or black for the Sweet Booths, and white or black or one of our in-house backdrops for the Theater Booth. Email us to learn more about a customized backdrop!

Can we personalize our prints with a banner?
Sure. As a complimentary service, we’ll work with you to design a cool banner with your names and event date.

Why would I want double prints?
Double prints give you two instant 4×6 printouts of each photo. Your guests can take them home as mementos (consider giving out 4×6 picture frames as wedding favors!). We can also collect the extra copies in a pretty box—and save them for you.

What’s the scrapbook keepsake package?
To make your take-home goodies a little more special, the “scrapbook keepsake” package contains everything it takes for your guests to create a custom-designed scrapbook album—just for you. It includes a customized scrapbook backdrop (themes and colors), a double set of prints (one for the guest, one for your scrapbook) and a scrapbook station with supplies (paper, good markers, stickers, scissors, double-sided tape) for your guests to add their photos and comments. Brides love scrapbooks as a fun alternative to conventional guestbooks!


What area do you serve?
We serve the five boroughs of New York City and Somerset, NJ (and the surrounding area). We can also travel outside of these areas—through New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut; we just tack on $2 per extra mile (each way). Email us your zip code to learn more!

How early do I need to reserve a booth?
We book just one event per day per equipment—so the earlier you book, the better! Email us your dates to learn more!

I’m ready to reserve! What should I do?
Call us at 917-740-8280, or fill out the form in the Contact Us page to confirm availability. If your date is still available, we’ll email you a rental agreement, along with deposit instructions.

How much is the deposit?
A $500 non-refundable deposit reserves your date exclusively.